Obtaining A Building Permit in Ottawa

Why Do We Have Building Permits?

Building Permits are a way for the city to regulate building designs and development. Acquiring a building permit gives the permission to commence with a renovation, addition, construction, or even demolition. It also helps the city ensure that any construction carried out conforms to local building codes and zoning by-laws.

How Can I Obtain A Building Permit?

To obtain a building permit in Ottawa, you first have to have architectural drawings of your existing home. These will show the city what your house currently looks like. Secondly you will need to have architectural drawings of your proposed renovation, addition, or custom home for the city to review. All of your architectural drawings will have to be sent to the city to be approved so you can start your renovation.

How Do I Send My Project To The City?

To be able to send your drawings to the city you have to be registered in their database so they can begin to review the project. To be registered with the city you have to take multiple exams covering the legal processes and the Ontario Build Code regulations.

Walker Home Design offers full architectural and construction drawings, and is fully registered with the city to legally allow the construction of your new project. If you are interested in working together, please don't hesitate to contact us.